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borg warner diff widths

If you smell a delicious, crispy smell after the race, it's not your tailpipe. It's just a little of Shake NF Fairlane with 5. XE Fairmont Ghia. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 17 guests. Display posts from previous: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

Getting Side Ways. Hi guys can i use R31 skyline, pitara or something diff in a falcon? You can use the gear set easy enough. Well i no that, but the gears require a pro to put in, and cost hundreds. No, the borg warner diff as fitted to commodoores,falcons,cortinas,skylines and pintaras although similar will have very different widths,brake setups and suspension mounts - not to mention that some are weaker with 25 spline axles and 2 pinion LSD's and some stronger with 28 spline axles and 4 pinion LSD's, and modifying the basics such as the suspension mounts is best left to the pro's or done by somone who doesnt need to ask.

Display posts from previous: All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by Author Post time Subject Ascending Descending.Log in or Sign up. Welcome to Just Commodores, a site specifically designed for all people who share the same passion as yourself. Recent Posts Contact Us. Just Commodores. Mar 15, 1. Just wondering if anyone can give me some info on some Borg Warner differentials, or if anyone knows a site with some specs??

Mar 15, 2. G'day Leigh, all the V6 VN's came with the 3. Group A's scored a 3. If you check our your comp. Short of that you can check out the ID Tag or jack the rear up and spin a rear wheel around by hand, if the opposite wheel rotates in the opposite direction it's LSD, or your diff is very shagged Cheers Jake. OSLMar 15, Mar 15, 3. Here's my limited bit of info on this: The VN 6s and 8s are the same diff. The LSD centers are all pretty much 4 pinion.

The SV had the 3. JimboMar 15, Mar 15, 4. First Q:- Is there a problem with your diff??? Ok, like the other guys said, ratios and diff width etc. Late 80's Nissan Pintaras had 4. Good Luck!!! GrantisMar 15, Apr 16, 5. It if was LSD, they would both turn the same direction, or one would be very hard to turn if it was shagged. Apr 17, 6. OSLApr 17, Jun 6, 7. GdawgJun 6, Jun 6, 8. Jun 6, 9. I have to disagree with that opposite wheel turning option.

My diff, wheels turn opposite. It's an open diff. But I think as said, if both wheels turn same way, it is then LSD. Then again I had a mate that owns a Ford, and his open diff his wheels turned same way.Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: VL diff length. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. VL diff length. If you want a smaller track i think VB to VK are even smaller.

Re: VL diff length If you are after a bw78 diff use the skyline or pintara, better width and better gear ratio and discs. Pintara has 2 pinon 25 spline axels 4. Mix and match parts to make a 28 spline 4. Re: VL diff length or use a volvo diff. Re: VL diff length. Originally Posted by 3jcelica. If you are after a bw78 diff use the skyline or pintara, better width and better gear ratio and discs. Prefer someone around the Sydney area but will travel a few hours for a good box!

Re: VL diff length thanks for the valuable help guys i am just trying to get some info together for the new 28 project ta ian. Last edited by matty12; at AM. Originally Posted by jimmmayyy. VL and R31 run identical drivetrain. Re: VL diff length fords have a 25spline lsd,not as strong though. BW are also in chryslers. Called nissan wreckers and they quoted complete diff axle to axle with a 3. What are your thoughts?

borg warner diff widths

I am running 17X7 rims with a 40 offset, do you think I could get away with standard R31 diff width running these rims? Najje, I think there are better options for a ta22, the skyline diff is too wide for a 22 without shortening.Made from mild steel this bracket is heavy duty 6mm thick plate which is thicker than a standard 9 inch diff bracket, it is also slightly longer, it has bigger folded returns on the ends for strength and it grips the tube for a full degrees.


The KustomBitz range is available to suit diff tube diameters of 64, 71, 76 and 84mm which covers the most common Borg Warner and Ford 9 inch diffs. Other diameters can be made to size however the idea is that a small amount can be linished off if your tube diameter is within one or two millimeters of the available sizes you see here. For a matching leaf spring clamping plate click here. Other diameters can be made to size however the idea is that a small amount can be linished off if your tube diameter is within one or two millimeters of the avalable sizes.

Made from mild steel this bracket is heavy duty 6mm thick plate wich is thicker than a standard 9 inch diff bracket, it is also slightly longer, it has bigger folded returns on the ends for strength and it grips the tube for a full degrees. KustomBitz Contact Details. Kustom Bitz Address Details. Shopping Cart Software by Ashop. Need a Reseller Links. Tunnel Ram Carburetor linkage - Twin 2 barrels - mounted north south. Tunnel Ram Carburetor linkage - Twin 4 barrels - mounted north south.

Throttle Accelerator Cable Bracket for Holley 2 barrel carb - pull from front primary bowl side - sits under carb - Nickle. Throttle Accelerator Cable Bracket for Holley 4 barrel carb - pull from back side - under carb plate - clamp style - Nickle.

Throttle Accelerator Cable Bracket for Holley 2 barrel carb - pull from back side - sits on top of studs - clamp style - Nickle.

Borg Warner Differential

Shipping is extra. Picture shows actual bracket. Qty Out of Stock. Email to a friend. U Bolt suits 75mm and smaller diff tube M12 Thread - individual part with nuts. U Bolt suits 83mm and smaller diff tube M14 Thread - Individual part and nuts. U Bolt suits 90mm and smaller diff tube M12 Thread - individual part with nuts.

Your basket is empty. Currency AUD. There is More to see. Please click here to sign in or register. Search Advanced Search. We accept Pay Pal.Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. To Save cars from your search results or vehicle pages you must first login. To Save a search to find the cars you like quickly you must first login. Hold on, maybe you don't need a heavy and expensive nine-inch after all.

As with its huge range of transmissions, BorgWarner BW differentials have been fitted to more Aussie cars than any other type. Toranas are prime candidates for BW converstions. This one is headed for a six-cylinder LH Torrie. Throw in a wide range of modern disc brake set-ups and the BW is the ideal upgrade for a great many Aussie streeters. Many deride the use of solid rotors on later-model disc brake systems but in practice they stop heavier cars much quicker than any old set-up, making them a definite improvement.

Just like a nine-inch, the BW can be converted to fit any car. Starting with a donor diff, the ends of the axle tubes are cut off and replaced with appropriate types at the correct width, before adding suitable mounting brackets — the same stuff that takes place for a nine-inch conversion. In general, diffs become wider with successive models. Being narrower allows you to use a rim with more dish while still clearing the guards.

Bearing offsets and stud patterns can all be adjusted when aftermarket axles are used. With Commodore conversions, be aware of the different stud patterns. People have been known to force the issue but near enough is not good enough and plenty of owners have broken studs and lost a wheel through this practice.

The live axle BorgWarner is a familiar sight under many Australian manufactured streeters. Having a different stud pattern and centre spigot diameter is a pain, especially when it comes to the spare wheel. Peter Koning from Hoppers Stoppers suggests accompanying a diff upgrade with a front disc upgrade that also uses the Commodore stud pattern. While still too wide for some 50s and 60s Aussie streeters, most of the cars of that era had plenty of body overhang.

Combine this with the use of shallow-offset wheels and you should be able to make it all fit — just. Late-model disc brake-equipped BWs such as this EA unit are too wide for early Aussie machinery and will need narrowing. In limited slip versions of the BorgWarner right the differential carrier separates at the pins.

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Open non-LSD versions left split through the middle of the ring-gear mounting flange. Even the spring mounts are extremely close — many have been fitted by simply bending each of the springs a little. If axle housing ends are changed, you may be able to use OE axles rather than more expensive aftermarket pieces.

This makes many brake assemblies caliper and rotor packages from different manufacturers cross compatible.Chevrolet used the bolt on passenger cars and Corvettes for a long time, so, consequently, different versions and sizes are available. The one that is ideal is the 8. The 8. Ratios available include 2. The easiest way to tell if a bolt is an 8. On an 8. Interestingly, GM fitted these diffs with different-shaped tags to differentiate ratios although, sadly, most of these are long gone.

The housings were also stamped with different casting codes that delineate in which year the diff was produced and, in some cases, which head was fitted.

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But anything that was a performance car got a bolt. GM bolt diffs were available in limited-slip, Positraction, and open formats, but open diffs can also be easily adapted to Positraction with the wide range of aftermarket parts now available. While GM Positraction rear ends have been produced sincethe bolt 8.

borg warner diff widths

A bolt from a Chev pickup is not interchangeable with a bolt car item, the former being identifiable by its smaller 1. Interchanging between them is possible, but at a cost. The most common bolt is a type two.

borg warner diff widths

These were found mainly in standard-performance Chev passenger cars and had ratios ranging from 2. Larger ratios will not fit without the carrier being changed, as, despite a larger ring gear being able to bolt on to the type-two carriers, you will not be able to obtain the proper spacing.

A type-three carrier is thicker, and designed for use with ratios ranging from 2. Type-four carriers are the thickest, and available in several ratios ranging from 3.

A number on the right-hand axle tube includes the ratio, where the unit was assembled, and whether the carrier is Positraction. All bolt Positractions use spline axles with a C-clip to hold them in place. When buying a bolt, pay attention to the spring mounts, as full-size Chev cars, such as Impalas, have coil springs and four trailing arms along with a Panhard bar, while Chevelles have four trailing arms but in a different configuration, and Camaros and Novas run leaf springs.

Widths include 60 inches, 61 inches, 62 inches, and The only cars that got them were station wagons and high-performance cars, such as those fitted with big blocks. Most older Holden fans will know the name Salisbury. The Salisbury diff is sometimes referred to as a bolt because it has 10 bolts holding the crown wheel and there are 10 bolts holding the cover on.

However, despite the similar name, there are absolutely no interchangeable parts between these and American GM bolt diffs.

Both open and limited-slip variants were produced, both with spline axles. The first generation, as found in the HQ range, used a larger front yoke with 1. Holden one-tonner diffs also had heavier-duty axles and wider bearing retainers on the axles, so if you find one, consider yourself lucky.

Salisburys were available in a range of ratios, including 2. The 2. XX:1 centres. Unfortunately, as these are Australian only, the aftermarket parts are restricted, but there are still options to strengthen them over standard. While the factory LSD can be rebuilt, if strength is the order of the day, something a little tougher will be needed.

The Aussies do make brand-new four-spider limited-slips for them, which seem to work well. Three sizes are available: the VL turbo at mm, R31 Skyline at mm, and the mm VN-onwards item, which is the most common these days. Crown wheels and pinions are interchangeable between both, which gives a wide range of ratios, including 2.More info to be added, but the plan is to make this initial thread the comprehensive guide. These were standard fitment for VB-mid VK sedans and wagons 4.

Round rear diff cover with a steel Hex plug. A universal joint style yoke. Ratio listed on yoke collar 2. All were disc brake. During the later part of the VK series, 6cylinder Commodores were fitted with the Borg Warner differential.

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This come with a host of small changes. The universal yoke was replaced with a flange. All VK Borg Warners were fitted with 3. The rear cover was similar to the small salisbury but had a rubber fill plug.

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It is said that the VK version had same size axles, and on viewing the housing personally, it appeared so, but is yet to be confirmed for this thread. During the VL series, a few revisions were made to the Borg Warner. All VL diffs were 11mm wider approx cm from disc backing plate to disc backing plate.

Discs were standard on all 28 spline and Calais models, and optional on lower trim specs. At the end of the VL series, the 25 spline, 2pinion M78 ceased as an option in the Commodore range. During the VN-VS series, the solid diff widened another 41mm and rear discs becam standard fitment. All utes and wagons continued with a solid axle til the end of VS.

Borg Warner Diffs

No real other changes were seen outside the inclusion of ABS which required sensor and sensor rings. On IRS, the sensor rings were mounted to the stub axles, on a solid axle they were mounted to the outer axle. This was a viscous coupling which replaced the clutch setup in an LSD centre. BW 78 centres were also found in other Makes such as Ford and Nissan. M80 stood for the upgrade from a 7.

So once you start making too much for an M80 in an IRS Commie the choices become a little more expensive. The Aussie alternative is a Harrop 12 bolt, bolt, which is essentially a remanucatured Chev 12 Bolt. For the record the crown wheel is 8.

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Its an Australian product sold locally 3.


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